About Us

  • Messer Group Texas, Inc. was founded in early 2002 as a commercial general contracting firm, based upon several principles...

  • Commitment to our customers-we will do whatever it takes to provide our customers with a first class completed project that meets their expectations.

  • Commitment to our vendors-we will be demanding every day, but we will be fair in all our actions and judgements.

  • Commitment to our people-we will strive to hire the best staff available to us, and hold them accountable every day while treating them as part of our extended family.

  • Integrity-when we commit to a project, we will do everything in our power to live up to that commitment, even if it becomes painful. We don't commit until we are sure that we can perform, but when the commitment is made, we will try to move heaven and earth to meet that commitment. That is our promise to our clients.

  • Fairness-we will be fair and open in all of our dealings with our clients. We will check every set of plans prior to construction to attempt to identify and resolve any problems, and to suggest value added alternatives that will save our clients' time and money. We will check and evaluate every proposal from vendors for bids and change orders to ensure that our clients' best interests are served.

  • Quality-we will be diligent in producing the best possible quality on every project that we build. We have strict quality guidelines in place to ensure that our management and field staff are performing all the necessary steps to ensure quality.

  • Safety-we have well trained field staff to monitor all of the activities that take place daily on our projects, and to be sure that we maintain safe work places for our subcontractors' employees. Since 2002, there has not been one claim or lost time injury on any of our projects, and we are proud of that record.

  • Reputation-we will work hard every day to build and maintain an excellent reputation within our industry.

Now in 2008, we have come a long way from our roots, and have managed to maintain these principles while managing to make doing business with us a pleasure. It has not always been easy, but we believe that if we work hard and do the right thing every day, we will be successful in our endeavors.
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